Please Let Me Know One Way or Another

On 6/26/21 I purchased 10 DERO for $110. Placed it (for safe keeping??) in my DERO PC based wallet, dutifully recorded the stack height and seed words and pretty much forgot about it (i.e., hodled them). Late last year I tried to access them and brought up my wallet and my 10 DERO were gone. Learned from forum that a “new” DERO was formed and that I had missed the deadline to transform my old DERO into “new” DERO. But forum hinted that sometime in early 2023 another “window of opportunity” would open up to do this “transformation”. Has that happened or will it still happen? Jeff Berwick keeps saying DERO will explode in value Real Soon Now so I would like if possible to retrieve the DERO that I bought, or (even tho I have the seed words) am I shit out of luck? If so, please let me know…

Edward Grau, HB, CA

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There are already topics in this forum about this problem:

read them, than you will see, that devs know about it and will anounce a new timewindow for swap, hopefully in 2023.

Thanks for that info, DERO Support!

Hi - I didn’t know about the swap, please help. thanks

I thought that it was the first 2 quarters in 2023 not in the whole year? I just got back from 3 weeks overseas and was hoping that it did not “drop” then because I was away from my computer.

You are right. it was said in the fist 2 quaters there will be an info abut swapping.

I guess DERO is a big scam… no info on the late swap… expectation that even if we have the seed/recovery phrase that all will be well is not valid in the DERO world. After promising a late swap for nearly a year, and only a few weeks left before the final burn, there’s no reply. A promising project but a real lack of integrity. If you did post this somewhere, where is the info? How are we supposed to find it… like last time, to a few super-techie forums or posts. You guys are lost. You will be run overr by the marketplace.

Sometimes I think the Dero peoject more and more like scam…

Sorry you feel that way, all info has been shared that is known. Captain mentioned in matrix they’re working through discord messaged swaps thwn matrix messaged swaps as of April 14/15th .

Other reply about relevance for not much forum activity.