Potential Scam site


I just asked a question in Dero forum. Which was:

Hi, Which, or where is the best place to find out when the swap from Atlantis to Stargate becomes available again? Thanks, James.

After that I got contacted from email address:

‘Support via DEROadmin@dero.io


When I clicked on the link my browser said that it thought this is a scam site.

Is someone trying to scam me?


If they ask you to enter your seed phrase somewhere to “help you”, then it’s a scam. Don’t do it.


Thanks Mike, and I hear you. I didn’t even get that far.

Thing is where can I find legitimate Dero tech support? I’m also trying to transfer some Dero from KuCoin to an Engrma wallet, but KuCoin won’t accept the address, but I don’t know how to contact Dero to find a solution.

Any ideas?

HI Jimmy
Good for you. I was in too much of a rush and paid the price. Concerning the swap: I missed the swap from Atlantis to Stargate as did many others. Here’s a link to a thread in this forum that has some info on that topic.

Keep in mind I’m no expert but there are some message from the Dero people in that thread.
Good luck

Cheers for that Mike

My pleasure.
Hopefully Dero will find a solution for the swap.

There’s no “tech support” . Proper questions and discussions can be had in relevant mediums like here on the forum. However the amount of folks replying on the forum versus discord or matrix server is quite significant. Best to get real time support from matrix.dero.live or our discord channel, can find the link at https://dero.io .

If it feels a scam, most likely is a scam. Never enter a seed in a site or scenario you don’t know or trust . Best to only ever do that I’m verified software from the project itself.


Hi. Thanks for the feedback. I will head over to the discord channel.
Just one comment regarding the scam, is that it looked very legitimate. The only thing that made me think it might be a scam is the speed at which they got back to me. Like almost instantly. I’ve found in the past that it is common for scammer to reply quickly, hence I was skeptical.

How do you access the matrix.dero.live tech support? website isn’t functional…