Redshift: Decentralized Application Research

Redshift is a newly created exploratory division within the DERO Foundation. Its goal is to research new technologies that can be built on the DERO platform and help facilitate their deployment and subsequent adoption. With the core development nearing completion, we are looking to onboard new ideas and people that offer secure, private and unstoppable services.

Phase 1

The first phase of our research will focus on open source decentralized applications. To kick things off, we would like to invite everyone to provide input on which types of applications they would like to see deployed on the DERO platform first.

Please reply to this thread with:

  • All popular applications (include links if applicable)
  • Unique ideas for new types of applications that can benefit from leveraging the features of DERO (feel free to share those details here)
  • Proposals for funding

For Developers

We would like to also invite developers to get involved. If you see any projects that interest you, feel free to reach out or submit a proposal. We will do our best to provide assistance and/or incentives for deploying your own projects and any of others in Phase 1.

For Everyone

Your responses will help shape the prioritization of our efforts to increase network adoption and provide more utility for all users, so it is important for everyone to speak up and let us know how you would like to use your DERO.


  1. An Uber sexy HIERARCHICAL DETERMINISTIC WALLET. Multichain supporting to help feed adoption. With a loading screen of Cypherpunk values. This is My own concept I was trying to push for another privacy project that didn’t pick it up. with exodus wallet as my starting ground. In it would be a mobile mining window and…

2. A Dex where you can stake dero as a liquidity provider and earn trading fees, preferably with one sided liquidity options. We can integrate Dex kit and Liquidity gateway from orion protocol for deep liquidity. All Kucoin liquidity of dero would then be accessible. It would also allow us a back door into coinbase and binance is liquidity pools.

  1. A partnership with Opacity storage as they are a broker and aggregator of decentralized storage with the same values of privacy and anonymity. They can run their utility token on dero and we could use them for web hosting storage , media, nft art Etc.

  2. We need to completely Port Craigslist into the dero ecosystem. Perhaps we could do this through services and then use opacity storage for web hosting?

  3. In this magical dero wallet but I’m imagining it would have functionality and built-in messenger similar to signal.

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Hey, I’m an app developer (web mostly).

Apps are powered by services (SaaS, AWS).

Problem: These services are mostly closed-source and confined to running in centralized clouds.

It’s hard to build dApps without (open, decentralized) services.

So, I’m working on a project called Ckd which aims to provide open, P2P web services to make it as easy (easier) to build dApps as it is to build traditional apps that are powered by closed, centralized SaaS/cloud products.

How it works:

  • users (and devs) install an app (running on localhost:1818)
  • users provide Ckd app with Dero Wallet RPC credentials
  • devs install an SDK (e.g. npm install ckd-react)
  • devs build dApps using services provided by SDK/localhost:1818
  • users authenticate with WebAuthN in their web browser (TouchID, etc.)
  • once authenticated, users can authorize permissions on a per-dApp basis

These are all things users and devs have done before – aside from WebAuthN, which I think will be a welcome change.

At the moment, Ckd’s focus is making it super easy to do the basics with Dero: send, receive, and some ready-made smart contracts.

All devs need to know is basic JavaScript: Ckd’s SDKs take care of the tricky stuff (state management) by providing stateless “Channel” APIs as opposed to stateful REST APIs.

Walkthrough (starts @ 4:34): #Ckd-pre.2: More for developers #web3 - YouTube


Eventually, the plan is to provide more services for devs to build dApps on (e.g. an S3/IPFS alternative, K/V store, etc.)

It could be cool to build a P2P database/FS similar to CouchDB where queries can be parallelized using map/reduce, but I digress…

Anyways, here are some links for anyone interested. Always looking for contributors, as well! Hit me up.

Ckd site:
Hype: Deprcate The State - YouTube

Oh, and #web3


Hello everyone,

Slixe, Jopari and myself, we would like to introduce a project that we are working on together called : Weave.

  1. Weave will be a fully decentralized algorithmic stable coin project, using a custom designed and decentralized oracle in the first phase.

  2. Then we will introduce an unstoppable DEX that allow swapping any native coin. (Like swaps between Weave / BTC, Weave / ETH, Weave / Dero and more…)

  3. The Weave asset will be a reward for any Oracle operators and a mandatory currency that allow to buy any other Coins in the DEX.

That’s it all for now and thank you for the time if you take the time to read it and once again If we could get a funding support from the DERO Foundation, so we could begin the Full-time development on the project, we would be gladly thankful.

Never forget : Privacy is a human right.

NDLR: Please note we are on Dero, most tools aren’t developed like on other platforms, so the development time would be a little longer than anywhere else.


NFTs may be kinda cool, private DeFi will definitely be REALLY cool. But what’s the thing so unique about Dero? The highest level of privacy of the entire cryptosphere, with smart contracts and now service capabilities. That, to me, screams (and always has) decentralized marketplaces. That’s the reason why a rudimentary, imperfect marketplace was my entry for the first ever SC competition back in 2019.
And that’s the reason why, today, that’s the killer app I want to bring to Dero.

Thanks to the new service protocol, the skeleton of such a hybrid dApp looks like this:

  • Marketplace SCs that act as decentralized repositories of vendors, where vendors can register, list products (or a link to some JSON on IPFS in order to avoid bloating the chain) and be reviewed.
  • Buyers interacting directly with vendors through a service, which allows them to buy products with DERO and exchange messages without the need of 3rd party, potentially unsafe, messaging apps.

And since everything happens on the encrypted DERO NW, that means there’s no need for downloading Tails or TOR or any other software. Any locally running UI that follows the the protocol and is able to interact with Dero smart contracts and services through RPC/WebSockets will do the trick. Whether that’s some fancy React webapp or a simple Golang CLI (although I think we should move towards the former in order to attract the highest number of users).

Suggestions appreciated :slight_smile:


It would be cool to build a library, like lib gen.

a savings account with a stable built on top of DERO as we have with LUNA


I’d actually go a step further: a trustless bridge to create a completely private version of UST (Terra USD). Dero-based UST could be the core stablecoin inside the DERO network, once bridged into it, fully private as well. With UST now supported across more and more networks, there’s a host of “tentacles” this could make for DERO and its awesomeness.

A dero native savings service could trustlessly and privately unwrap dUST and bind it into for a fixed 19% APR.

Really do recommend to skim Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon statements on the need for a fully decentralized stablecoin, and with DERO providing the privacy, I think the two are a match made in heaven. Lots of people talk about Secret Network, but afaik that’s levels of a difference in terms of the privacy it offers.

Also, how about a Terra-native DERO, to allow for direct exchanges (eg especially with and decentralized banks being built on Terra as we speak).

Finally, definitely need DEXes, and incentivized LP pools for the most important pairs. Wishful thinking: gain DERO and competitive APRs for providing liquidity? Amazing :slight_smile:

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A multisensory private peer-to peer decentralised crowd sourced insurance arbitration platform built on DERO that markets can use as a third party app which implements a variety of incentives, based on varying tiers of trust systems and assurances between buyers and sellers adding a layer of security in anonymous market spaces which rewards reputable vendors and guards against and force removes bad actors so to speak.

Android wallet with mining capabilities. Similar to Scala Project which allows for easy phone GUI mining ( ). With Dero’s upcoming Sigma mining + AstroBWT, it will become easier to capture mobile miners cpu power. As mobiles processing power grows, the DERO network would benefit greatly to capture even a fraction of that hashrate. Users would have access to mining, securing, payments, and a whole ecosystem of DERO apps/contracts. CPU technology will continue to increase exponentially, mobiles will be powerful enough to handle running the DERO network in a highly decentralized and secure way.

DERO network is extremely well positioned to provide ‘service jobs’ to people around the world. Example, decentralized UBER-like service running on the DERO network could be easier than using UBER itself. 1) User requests travel route, sends gps coordinates, cost of trip, and puts dero into locked deposit escrow for taxi driver, 2) A taxi driver sees requests and accepts, 3) User begins ride, meanwhile both taxi and user’s mobile phones also confirm the route has begun, 4) Once arrived, taxi automatically receives locked funds from escrow. 5) User and Taxi can rate each other afterward. All of the user data (location, price, etc.) will be encrypted. This service model can also extend to other service sectors like deliveries.



Very glad to have learned about Dero, hope I am not too late to join the party.

I am an ethical economist and currently researching DAO governance within the new decentralized economy.
I am also a consultant and research affiliate for peer-to-peer decentralized governance in the material economy (Food & Agriculture, waste recycling, entrepreneurship and others…)

Please feel free to tag me in any research collaboration, if ever needed:)

Thank you.


would be cool if some would create a borrowing and lending service for $DERO. im no way a dev. lol. but as a defi degen it would be awesome to farm, stake, borrow and lend just as with any other defi protocol but with the privacy and security of $DERO. im presuming if executed right this would definitely attract multi millions in TVL and and trading volume. if anyone devs are reading, make it happen please.