Sending to TradeOgre from Stargate Web and Cli wallet - Issues

Dero Dev,

I have read through the forum and find similar issues but decided to start new topic simply out of OCD.

Swap done and I can access the wallet and my unlocked funds are visible in my Stargate wallet Cli and Stargate web wallet

Now, I am trying to deposit some of my funds to the Stargate address TradeOgre provides. Transaction is created via Cli but does not leave my wallet. In web wallet I get an error message “tx err”.

Can we have a look at it together, we solved it very well last time.
Thank you.

Make sure your wallet is connected to DERO Network.
Pls paste screenshot, Hide your funds details etc.

Also want to remind that KuCoin lists Dero deposits as unavailable, for both good and bad scenarios one door needs to be open for trading.

The top TradeOgre wallet labeled Stargate is accepted and marked in green in Cli wallet when creating transaction. The second wallet Atlantis shows red.

Above wallet is not fully synced.
Check Create-Register/Restore wallet on DERO Stargate Network

You’re right, with wallet started as --remote it works perfectly, and really fast.

Thank you guys.

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