Sigma blocks and block rewards on Stargate

Could someone please explain how sigma blocks and block rewards work on the Stargate blockchain?

I’ve been mining for two days now. Yesterday, I mined my first miniblock (hooray!). In the log file for the miner, I see the following entry:

{“L”:“DEBUG”,“T”:“2022-03-13T07:49:23.388+1100”,“N”:“miner”,“C”:“dero-miner/miner.go:493”,“M”:“Successfully found DERO miniblock”,“difficulty”:“3278189465”,"

However, I have not received any rewards in my wallet. The blockchain explorer has this information for block 64558: DERO HE BlockChain Explorer(v1)

So the full block reward of 0.615 DERO went to a single wallet (and not mine). I was under the impression that the reward for each block was supposed to be divided between the miniblocks.

The DERO documentation states that “Every miner on the entire network will receive mining rewards based on the amount of work that was contributed, thus creating a truly decentralized network and distribution of rewards.” Could someone please explain how this works in practice?

Thanks in advance!

Please check this also DERO Stargate Mining Calculations.

Second, Your miner found the block but looks someone else submitted the same block first perhaps due to network latency. Check your ping time to

Third, Reward of 0.61500 is symbolic amount assigned to node integrator which joined the block of 10 miniblock. This 0.61500 represents amount of 10 miners of 0.06150 each.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any more doubts.