Stargate Web not working

Trying to access Stargate Web wallet, not functioning. page opens with password but does noting will not update

my Engram just freezes when logging in. I got in once during the day but could not send coins. somethings buggy.

Avoid web-wallet . Use cli or engram wallet.

CLI wallet keeps telling me my wallet name is not good, and Engram only flashes on screen and wont start

Read for cli wallet Create-Register/Restore wallet on DERO Stargate Network

Extract Engram wallet to some directory first before using it.

I doesn’t work

it only flashes briefly on screen then nothing doesn’t matter what directory I extract it to

Try running it from command prompt and see what the error is when it tries to open. Are you running 64-bit windows? I know it’s likely you are but, just curious.

Also, this thread is titled “stargate web not working” and you are referencing the Engram GUI wallet. May I suggest once again, that you join discord? There is an #engram channel specifically.

Ok I received the original message from the Telegram group admin that this form was the place to resolve problems, I’ve tried to access Discord but I don’t understand how to get to where I can actually ask a question

There is no telegram admin that would contact you. Please just follow instructions.

You have multiple issues and what you’re asking requires multiple responses. You’re free to keep going on the forums but please keep it in one thread and don’t answer anybody claiming to be an admin on telegram. They are obviously scammers.