Sync Troubleshooting & Other Noob Questions

Hey Dero fam,

I am fairly new to mining and have been attempting to sync to get started. I’ve followed the recent instructions to download the newest version and boot the .exe from the command line. This, in itself, took my noob @$$ a minute to figure out, but I am still getting the following errors:

I’ve alternatively tried downloading the database that support recommends into the Mainnet folder, but I think I am doing it incorrectly. On Windows 10, I click right click and save the link as in the mainnet folder. This saves the link as a .html file, which leads me to believe I am doing that incorrectly. Can someone please advise me on how to save the database into the mainnet folder on Windows 10?

Regardless of whether I used the database to attempt to sync faster, I received the above errors. The Sync actually goes until block 4800 but then shuts down. Anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong or things I should try to trouble shoot? So far, I’ve tried just about everything I can think of.

6 GTX 1070s
CUDA Drivers Installed

Appreciate the help!

Trial & Error Update:

I was using the Dero 386 when I received the above errors. I just deleted that entire folder and downloaded the Windows AMD 64 version. It has started syncing beyond where I was getting before! I think that solves my primary syncing issue. Maybe we could make a note somewhere for future noobs that the AMD 64 version should be used for 64 bit windows, even if you are using NVIDIA cards… at least this seems to be the case. I will update if this fails to completely sync.

My only question is:. After this syncs and I open up a new cmd window to pull up a wallet, do I need to do anything further to begin mining to said address? I would rather be a solo miner than mine to a pool if that is feasible. Thanks for any input.

Glad you solved most of them by your own.
Solo mining is not profitable,For pool Pls see
But too answer your question pls open second cmd prompt and create your wallet and address.
For general help pls see Important Links or feel free for any questions.

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Excellent! I will look into Pooling instead of solo mining then.

I am now getting the following time deviation warning:

Do you happen to have an ELI5 summary of how to use default NTP software in Windows 10 to resolve the time deviation issue?

Really appreciate the support :clinking_glasses:

Trial & Error Update RE Time Deviation Err:

If anyone is receiving a time deviation error, simply go to this link and download the client.

Run the client, click “SYNCHRONIZE” and make sure the “synchronize periodically” box is checked :white_check_mark:

The time deviation error should go away and you should begin syncing blocks at a quicker pace.

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