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Welcome to the Dero official forum.

Pls visit these important pages/FAQs/Tutorials to learn more about Dero.

If you have more questions please feel free to join the discussion on an existing topic or create a new one.

Dero Wiki Block Explorer Block Explorer 2 Main Site DERO Official Forum.
Coinmarketcap Twitter
DERO Monthly Update Subscribe RSS
Dero Community Advisory Board (DCAB)
Source Github
DERO GUI wallet
Download Latest pre-compiled binaries for Linux, Mac, Windows, BSD*, Arm etc.
Dero rpc command api For Exchanges, Explorer etc.

How to run full Dero Node
Create/Backup/Restore DERO Wallet in one minute
How to be part of DERO Network & start mining DERO?
How to restore a Dero wallet from your seed/keys
DERO frequently asked questions
Sync stopped on block 68713
Create offline transactions from cold wallet
Run Dero daemon in docker


Exchanges chinese exchange

Mining and Pools
Mining - Pools
Dero mining pool list

Introduce Yourself

International Languages Section
International Community

Early ANN - Dero Atlantis mainnet is coming in a few days
Sync Troubleshooting & Other Noob Questions
Welcome to DERO Community Forum

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