Recovering web wallet

Question…I have been using the web wallet since about January of this year. Just went in to check the balance and there is nothing in there. I have tried to recover the wallet from seeds on ubuntu linux machine and MACOS with no luck. any ideas?

Dero webwallet has been updated, pls try now.


I’m still trying to locate the Dero I sent from Tradeogre a few nights ago. Went to follow the instructions but seems I saved the web wallet to notes by mistake?
Step.2 Figure out which drive & directory (folder) that you saved the Dero folder to (specifically “Dero-Wallet-Cli”)

Step.3 Open a command prompt window and navigate to the directory that contains “Dero-Wallet-Cli” . (A example would be “c:\dero” if you put the folder directly onto the c drive directory.)
********** I tried this but the file doesn’t come up. The DERO was sent to the correct address as I double checked my online wallet which had the same address as my web wallet. I thought maybe I was hacked but the receiving address is correct. I synced my web wallet starting from 0 & it was done in a few seconds but still no Dero. I guess I got in a bit over my head here. Would really appreciate any further advise on how to find my Dero.
TradeOgre shows the transaction as successful sent to the correct receiving address so I believe it’s out there…I just don’t know how to access it still.
I tried to write the contact e-mail at Dero but it bounces back? SUPPORT AATT @DERO.IO Tried clicking on the envelope to connect but nothing. Thanks to anybody who can spare the time to help an old gal find her Dero. Blessings.

I synced my web wallet starting from 0 & it was done in a few seconds

If you set to resync from 0, this would not take a few seconds but rather a few hours. Did you follow these instructions and then give some time? You should see the numbers start from 0 and count upwards. Browser Wallet User Guide — DERO Documentation documentation

You also don’t have to use 0 in the above explanation, you can very well use an approximate block height. You mentioned sent a few nights ago. So instead of 0 you could use say 7440000 , for example, should put you back far enough and take less time to sync. Give that a go.

Finally located the
Dero I sent from Tradeogre to the wallet on
my computer. I then sent the Dero back to
TradeOgre & then opened up a new web wallet
right from the Dero site instead of the original
one I had & couldn’t figure out. Problem solved.
Thanks again for your help. :slight_smile:

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I opened my Dero web wallet today with my seed & password & it shows a zero balance & no transactions which is incorrect. Is the system down as it showed up the last time I looked. Thanks

See my reply above. Resync

I have followed the very simple instructions to resync many times starting from zero & it comes back as success in a few seconds with a zero balance still showing.

I did resync & the instructions are very basic. It shows success in a few seconds with my balance still missing & no transaction history showing either. I saw my dero in there not long ago & was relieved. Now, I see a zero balance. This wallet needs work. I’m no computer expert but any other crypto wallet I’ve used has not given me any trouble. Thanks very much.

When you tell it to re-sync, you must wait for it to sync the chain from the height you provided. You can see the status on the left side. Depending on when your transactions were, you can enter a higher topoheight to sync from to allow it to complete faster. Also ensure that you hit “logout” to save your sync status if you need to close the window. If you have any browser caching you’ll be required to re-enter seed and start again.

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If the blockchain number of the left is going up does that mean it’s syncing? I thought the success window that came up meant that it had been synced but perhaps it’s in the process. Thank you for your help. The wallets I’m used to are very user friendly like the Pirate Chain wallet.

It was syncing & now I see my dero. Does this have to be done all the time to see your dero? Thank you for your help!

In web wallet you may need to do this if browser cache is cleared etc. Ensure each time you close it to hit “logout”, since then it will save your sync height locally. Keep in mind all web wallet actions are client side, so new browser/computer and clearing cache forces a restore from seed. Upon restoring it starts at current height, so in a new wallet yeah you need to resync to before your first TX to see full balance.

In CLI/GUI (CMD) wallets , all is stored to a wallet file and is utilized with it.

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Dear Dero,
After multiple days I have finally gotten the Dero Wallet to show the 112
I just transferred from TradeOgre. I wanted to make sure it was still there, really really, for sure for sure. So I logged out first, then logged in again and it was all gone! Now as I repeat the same maneuvers, it will not allow me to change the Topoheight appropriately, nor will it even run a triggering of the Blockchain Scan. Are things frozen at Dero Wallet?
Thank you very kindly.

No one can freeze/hold things on DERO network.
DERO network is fully decentralized and anyone can run DERO node and wallet.
No one requires any permissions or approvals to run DERO node.
DERO network has no concept of validators/coordinators/bridges etc.
In-efficient/centralized blockchains use validators/coordinators/bridges etc.

Web-wallet is written for less tech-savvy users and is generally not recommended. It takes lot’s of efforts and awareness from users to secure browser based applications. Web-wallet run on client browser and if old/non-supported browser, wallet can behave differently.
Try to use CLI(command line) wallet max possible Create/Backup/Restore DERO Wallet in one minute .
It takes less than 4-8 hrs to completely sync from zero to current network if using SSD and good network speed.

Also learn more about DERO at .

Thank you for that, however, as a less tech-savvy person I do not understand most of what you said unfortunately. 1) Is Firefox an acceptable browser for your system or do you recommend another browser preferentially? Please advise. I have pursued all the links you kindly shared but for me they seem to dead-end in technical specs or a tech manual but not in an algorithm of steps for the less tech savvy to achieve success …I just want to get my 112 Dero that I successfully did transfer to my Dero Wallet but it just won’t show it. 2) Can you help, please? This is extraordinarily frustrating for me as I have already spent several days full-time trying to straighten this out to no avail. I suspect this must be frustrating for you, too, and I truly do not mean to be stupid. Regrettably I do not code. 3) Which cold wallet hardware accepts Dero as so far I can find zero that do?
Thank you very, very much again.

Use any option from following:
1] Rescan your web-wallet. Update your firefox to latest. With every firefox updates browser support for WASM and thus DERO-wallet is increasing. Before closing browser/wallet-tab logout your web-wallet.
Browser Wallet User Guide — DERO Documentation documentation

2] Use cmdline wallet and sync now and then when required.
If you are using SSD and good network connection,it takes 4-8 hrs to sync wallet completely from 0.
Try using remote node option as follows:
./dero-wallet-cli-linux-amd64 --remote , Replace linux filename with Windows/Mac wallet filename.
Use exit/0 option to quit & save wallet state for future use.
For more details see Create/Backup/Restore DERO Wallet in one minute .

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Thank you for the clear and great response!!!

Just to share: I do understand and have executed the FIRST OPTION ~2 dozen times without the the 112 Dero showing except once, then after logout and re-login it disappeared! Currently when I press the button to rescan it does nothing, it just sits there without movement in the topo numbers nor even allowing me to change the topo numbers to an appropriate level, it just “stalls” as it were or “frezzes” for lack of a better term.

For the second option, I can only hope to find someone who knows what they are doing because I do not want to have my dero disappear by the push of a button.

Also which cold wallet hardware accepts Dero; I have found none so far?
Thank you very much!!!

Currently there are no HW wallets supporting DERO.
Please update your firefox to latest browser. With every updates browser support for WASM and thus DERO-wallet is increasing.

For DERO cold wallet storage see How to create a cold storage DERO wallet & Create offline transactions from cold wallet

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